Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Wonderland Ornaments... 20, 21 & 22

Yeah, so we have been busy again!
It is that time of year...

As I went to upload my photos on Monday I had taken so many of the girls recital, trip to ABQ, cooking making, etc. I just had too many pictures and my poor MAC couldn't handle it. Well, in all fairness to my sweet MAC {who I love so dearly!} it is my fault for having 25k+ pictures on iPhoto. Before you ask, yes they are all backed up... I just have a hard time parting with the visuals! Don't worry, I am working through and editing which is something I should have been doing from day one... but I am still learning! Now, onto the ornaments...

A little bit about 20:
The picture for this ornament shows what has become Wragge Family Tradition... After all the gifts are opened and the wrapping paper covers the floor, we round up all the loose pieces and then create a leaf-like pile with them and then have the girls lay in the wrapping paper to take a picture. I love this tradition... my husband not so much. Either way, the pictures always come out hysterical, the girls have so much fun jumping in the paper and eventually we clean up the wrapping paper mess!
The stickers for this line are so very much fun to play with!!!

A little bit about 21:
This ornament is STICKLES happy... I mean I covered this puppy in Stickles! They just add so much sparkle to the snow and it creates a fun textured look! I hand cut the heart for journalling and then used a rolly flower to embellish it. The Vintage Photo Distress Ink makes the border and defines the edges of the leaves.
This picture was taken this summer in Arizona. These two stick together like glue and the tender moment between them just made my heart melt. They truly love eachother - they are sisters - but they know what buttons to push and when!

A little bit about 22:
This is one of 38 ornaments I made for the teachers, women in our bible study and our Rams Kid's Camp teachers. They are a different take on last year's however they turned out nicely and made a wonderful gift paired with hot chocolate and marshmallows!
I saved one of the ornaments for myself, because I wanted to remember what I made this year for presents. It is always fun to go back and see what you have created before and to see how much you have grown creatively.

Thank you for joining me today!
Looking forward to seeing you next time... hopefully tomorrow!

Creative Cheers!

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