Monday, May 24, 2010

mr. & mrs.

Our dear friends tied the knot this past weekend and as I was getting prepared and crossing things off of my checklist {I heart my checklists!} for the wonderful occasion and boom, it hit me! I don't have a wedding card?!?!? How is that possible? Well, I went through my card box, nothing. Went through my scrap swap cards, nothing. Okay... according to my schedule I had like 15 minutes to sketch, create & have it dry before it was time to move onto the next thing on my list. So... thanks to a few fiskar punches, sparkly thickers and a paper pack... VIOLA!
I thought it was only appropriate to decorate the envelope too!
I am just sparkly that way!!!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

picture frames...

When the urge to create hits it usually means 2 things: there will be lots of embellishments and a HUGE mess. Luckily, my husband is used to this and doesn't fuss to much about not having a kitchen table. As I was passing through a craft store, I came upon these heart frames. They were just plain wood and cost $1... so of course the idea of making gifts for the family hit me like a ton of creative bricks. See, projects like these are good for kids of all ages {including myself!} and my oldest princess loves to create. So, with a little paper and some embellishments we made 15 frames for our family and friends.
Allow me to introduce my everyday inspiration...

She is almost 4, a total princess & loves to create with mommy
She's not even 2, her own person, & feisty as all get out!


In talking to some of my friends, I realized why cards are such an attractive project! They are smaller than a 12x12 {good for those of us who "leave no space untouched"} and you can use the assembly line process to make as many as you need. Here are some of the cards I have created for one of my swap groups and I must say I learn so much from watching others in their creative process!


What is it about paper, glue, embellishments that makes a person go creatively crazy? In my opinion it is the attractive blank canvas of a 12x12 piece of paper and the limitless possibility to create! Whether your passion is card making, layouts, projects... it is all art! I feel blessed by this art form because it has brought so many wonderful things into my life. I have met amazing people, learned amazing techniques, told stories creatively and made keepsakes for future generations to enjoy. I am creating this blog to showcase different projects that have inspired me to think outside the box!

Happy Creating!