Friday, April 1, 2011

what a day & Blog Hope Winner!!!

Greetings all!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday, sorry this post is a wee bit later in the day than I originally planned. You know how that goes... you make a plan and then your day goes in a completely different direction... like spending 3 hours going 7 miles due to an unfortunate accident on the only freeway that gets you from point A to point B involving a semi hauling cattle through the curvy mountain range with two children taking turns melting down because they just want to go home... has that ever happened to you? If not, lie to me! Just kidding... I guess what I am trying to say is I am thankful to be back with my family, back to this lovely craft involving paper and glue and yes, we all said prayers for the poor cows on the way home!

Now for the good news...
the news that gets me all giddy...
announcing the winner of the bloghop!!!

Drum roll please....



I love your Farmers Market layouts. Beautiful and fun!

Please send me your address to & I will send you your goodies ASAP!

Creative Cheers!

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