Sunday, November 28, 2010

a scrappy share...

With Christmas right around the corner it was time to pull out all those festive decorations and with that came holiday photos that were gently placed in the "put-here-so-I-won't-forget-to-scrap-them" pile... well, I forgot! I brushed it off {like the rest of the stuff I haven't gotten to yet} and decided to scrap them at an impromtu scrapdate! Scrapdates are fun because you get to chit chat about this, that and the other while being paperly "productive." I cherish this time, it means SO much to me!
So with a pinch here, a trim there... topped with MLS minis
then some buttons, brads, stickers from my stash...
and Viola!
I love my little candy canes!

Okay, getting back to the minis... from the previous post I challenged you bloghoppers to tell me your favorite minis and your favorite ways to use them. Since only two of you were up to the challenge, you BOTH win a MLS new release mins prize pack.
Lindy said...

Beautiful Nicole. I love mini's too. Probably have doubles of some in my stash. I use them on EVERYTHING. My favorite is probably red.

Have a wonderful holiday!

jennyplace2 said...

Oh so pretty, I would have to say the black ones.

Please send me your addresses to


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