Friday, November 26, 2010

A & E...

What can I say about these two lovely ladies...

It is hard to believe that these two sweethearts are now seniors... boy does time fly! Our families have become quite close over the last 5 years and it has been such a joy to have seen them grow into these respectable, balanced, smart young women. Their parents have done an amazing job raising them, supporting them, guiding them, instilling HIS love in them! I was honored and an itty-bit nervous when they asked me to take their senior photos. The girls picked the spot, their clothes and I picked the time... and we had a B A L L!

We laughed, giggled, walked through puddles, witnessed silly hikers, and braved one-way traffic all in hopes of getting some good shots. Well... happy to report there were more than a few! In two days I took more than 1500 shots and trying to sift through those beautiful faces to get the good ones was hard... only because they were ALL amazing! It is hard to say which are my favorites because one day I am all about the sweet smiles and others I love the fierceness... nonetheless, here are the ones I keep going back to... the ones I can't stop playing with!
Again, it was an honor to take these photos for you girls!
Love you both!!!

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  1. Wow!!!! What beautiful young women! Lucky you for being asked, and job well done too! Thanks for sharing.