Thursday, June 24, 2010

the warehouse...

It's Thursday... really? I woke up this morning thinking it was like Tuesday and then it hit me like a mad truck that it is indeed Thursday! Do you know what Thursday is {besides Papa's Birthday}... it's MY LITTLE SHOEBOX WAREHOUSE DAY!!! It was an honor to join these fabulous ladies at the warehouse for sneak peeks and sorting new goodies. Now, I know I can't spill the super-ultra-oh-my-goodness-top-secret-creative-genius I witnessed today but trust me scrappers... you are gonna go BONKERS! For you non-scrappers you will be cheery excited opening some of the presents I have planned for this new release. I can only describe the experience as DELIGHTFUL!!! The sheer feeling of creative ideas just bursting out of your brains because you are so inspired because the colors just get you or the icon speaks to you is a rush I love love love to get!!! Now... if I could just get the kids to go to bed at 4pm I could get started!!!

This is my super silly twin Erin... she is SO many things but today when we decided to jump out of the drive thru line at Starbucks to take a picture you can only describe her as silly!

Pattie & Erin for an MLS hug!

Helen, Erin, Pattie & I just posing for a snap shot in her warehouse

Creative Cheers!

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  1. super cute post! Love it all! cant wait to see the goods!