Thursday, January 27, 2011

8 reasons...

You know you are creating for CHA when...
1. you have modge-podged your eyebrow
2. your two year old has Razzleberry Mini Alphas from My Little Shoebox on her little rear end!
3. you got a manicure after your projects were done, only to have this great idea which in turn messed up your manicure...oops!
4. you have cut open a bottle of Glossy Accents to get the very last drop... three different times!
5. you gave up trying to sew and just used your tiny attacher instead!
6. after getting your hands all glammed up with some Glimmer Glam you wiped your hands on your butt only to have glitter hand prints for all to see - NICE!
7. you made your "to do" list on scraps of sticky back canvas...
8. your kitchen table has looked like this for the past two weeks!

Thank you in advance to my darling husband who is prepared to play, giggle and even do the girls hair over the next few days! I love you honey!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi! :) I found your blog! whee.. I hope you remember me.. I'm the one who took the picture of you and claudine Hellmuth! :)

    I'm going to link your blog from mine.. Then i can see what you make all the time.. :)

    Hugs Yasmin